T-Ara – Treasure Box Album

Erschienen: 7.August,2013 Label: EMI Music Japan Sprache: japanisch Tracklist: Asonde Miru? (遊んでみる?; Wanna Play?) Sexy Love Bunny Style! (バニスタ!) Deja-vu Hajimete no You ni (初めてのように; Like The First Time) Sign (So Yeon & Ahreum) Shabondama no Yukue (シャボン玉のゆくえ; Bubble’s Whereabouts) (Boram & Qri) Dangerous Love (Ji Yeon & Eun Jung & Hyo Min) DAY BY…


T-Ara – Jewelry Box Album

Erschienen: 6.Juni, 2012 Label: EMI Music Chartplatzierung: #2 Sprache: japanisch Tracklist: Bo Peep Bo Peep Yayaya Why Are You Being Like This Keep Out Apple Is A T.T.L Roly Poly Because Of You I Go Crazy Lies I’m Really Hurt Cry Cry Lovey Dovey


Jay Park – Evolution Album

Erschienen: 1.September, 2014 Label: AOMG Tracklist: EVOLUTION JOAH (Re-mastered) So Good (Feat. Common Ground) Dasi Mannajweo (다시 만나줘; Let’s Make Up) (Re-mastered) Yaksokhae (약속해; The Promise) Bimil (비밀; Secret) (Re-mastered) Welcome (Re-mastered) Orrata (올라타; Ride Me) Metronome (Feat. Simon D, Gray) GGG WHO THE F*CK IS U (Feat. B-FREE, TAKE ONE) 1hunnit Remix (Feat. LOCO,…


T-Ara – Again 1977 Mini Album

Erschienen: 4.Dezember,2013 Label: Core Contents Media Tracklist: TRACK TITEL LYRICS MUSIK 1 1977 Gieok Anna (1977 기억 안나; 1977 Do You Know Me) Shinsadong Tiger, Bokgeumgom Shinsadong Tiger, Bokgeumgom 2 Na Eotteoghae (나 어떡해; What About Me) Shinsadong Tiger, Bokgeumgom Shinsadong Tiger, Bokgeumgom 3 Sumbakkogjil (숨바꼭질; Hide and Seek) Baek Hyun Jung, Baek Deok Sang Baek…